Going to be interviewed.

2013-07-01 17:31:46 by Stopsignal

Im going to be interviewed by the local newspaper. Looks like my drawing proffesor talked about me once. Holy crap, it is awesome.


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2013-07-01 18:49:01

Congrats and have fun ^^

Stopsignal responds:

Oh, thanks! It is an honor to me, being so young.


2013-07-02 05:17:26

Pretty cool, man, you should post it for us!

Stopsignal responds:

I'd like to do it, but i should need to translate everything, and it would be.. boring... But maybe ill do it.


2013-07-04 22:36:39

oh wow! Congratz!


2013-07-04 23:45:50

Wooow! Esto es una oportunidad de una en millones. Sin duda eres mas afortunado que otros aca, y mereces tener esa entrevista :P Buena suerte!