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Scyth Abyss

Posted by Stopsignal - April 5th, 2014

Well, i will start posting the stories here.


First, a little story explaining where all the stories will be.



Lost in the vast voids of Infinite, a magical place opens its doors to anyone who enters. The gigantic island, covered with culture, splashed with mystery, and decorated with nature. A race of people stand in these ancestral lands. With magical hands, they create elements that help them survive the strange creatures of the forests. The Gods watch above them, and their wars help to guide the Lao’ssians lives. Crystal domes surround the cities and divide wilderness from society. They are struggling to keep going forward, in a place where the damned that don’t understand the rules are doomed to a painful death. In these lands no one lives peacefully. In these lands no one is saved from the curse of sadness and destruction. In these lands where Gods describe everyone’s faith, all will suffer to follow the strings of life.

With that story you will know that all the ones coming up will be weird as fudge.

Let me continue with one of the stories that i like most:

Scyth Abyss


They always thought she’d not make it. They thought she was weak. That she could not explore the vast cursed lands. The Scyth abyss. Even if she tried, she could not have described how huge, and incredible deep it is. The abyss was formed by rock platforms that had some incredible pits between them. Colossally long trees  connected some of the platforms by having it’s roots on the sides of them, while basically creating natural bridges, to be able to walk over the dark death that meant falling to the cracks, between the platforms. No one ever made it out of them alive.


Sunlight still bathed her body. Light was really powerful up there, in the platforms, making everything look surreal. But when she tried to see the bottom from the platforms, she could only see the dark. No one knows how the abyss looked like or what was hidden there.


The cold wind, loud, was still blowing really strong when she decided to start the exploration of the cursed void. The only sound that could be heard, apart from the air, was the one of her steps in the rock. The adventurer tied the leather rope to a tree, and began going down.


The air clearly started to become more humid the more she went down, while the horizontal trees became more sparse. She could have swore she was hearing water flowing. Some mosquitoes began to fly around her. The explorer was expecting that, so she took a bag full of a mix of leaves from her backpack, with an incredible smell, and the insects quickly flew away. She continued descending. It was really dark now. She could almost not see the rope, but she knew it was there. The long rope took months to be made, even if the people said she was being too paranoid. She knew that the rope should be really long. Longer than any other made before. Longer than the great Wall surrounding the god’s place.


The first red eye she saw was when she already made 2 hours of descent. But it did not harm her. It was only one eye. The Scythios, small creatures that looked like reptiles, but without the upper part of their heads, and a single, creepy, humid glowing red eye in the middle of their necks. When she passed near a tree while going down, she could see a Scythio closely. They were made to live in the abyss. They took the name from the abyss’s name. Their legs (two, to be exactly) had some large dinosaur like claws, that it used to stick to the abyss’s walls and not falling. His head, that was basically only the lower mandible, was leaving exposed his tongue and throat. The tongue was incredibly muscular, and it was used by the creature to eat insects from a distance, in the similar fashion a chameleon does. It’s long tail was another important component, because it was used to grab the different rocks that were exposed in the “walls”.


The Scythio looked at her, with its head on the air, pointing upwards, to focus its sight on her face. It did not look pleased to find a Laossian. She stared at it, contemplating its horrid beauty. The being crouched, lifted its head once  more and begin to scream. It was a human scream. It sounded like the cry of a woman, and in the middle of the enclosing dark of the place, it was really horrifying. The adventurer started to panic: she did not saw that coming. But now another scream joined the first one. And another. And another. There was a point where she asked herself if all the time there was silence or it all was just a lie. The screams, the cries, the loud and scary mermaid songs stopped suddenly. The Scythio looked back. She could not saw it clearly, but she thought so, because she stopped seeing the red eye. Then, from very far, from the bottom of the place, another roars were heard, but this were not the woman screams. This were much louder and definitely from a completely different creature. The scream started to be louder and louder: whatever thing it was moving in the middle of the dark, it was getting close.


The woman started to be horrified by everything, but she had to touch the bottom so, in a desperate attempt to do so, the took some rags she had on her backpack, wrapped her hands in them (even if it was really difficult to do so, because she had to be careful with not letting the rope go) and when she was prepared, she stopped grabbing the rope and started sliding with it.


Five minutes later, she was still sliding until she had a thought: What would happen if the rope was not long enough?


Desperately, she tried to stop, but it was really late. She tried to let go the rags to grab the rope more firmly, and then she slowly started to stop. Really slowly. Her hands were burning. The pain was incredibly intense. She was still descending really quick, she could not see it, but she could feel it. Grabbing the rope with all her strength, while her skin was being ripped from her hands, while tearing, while hearing the every time more distant roar, while feeling the worst pain she had in her life.


Suddenly, she felt like if the rope was not there anymore. She felt like floating, in the dark abyss. She felt forgotten. She felt helpless. I am dead? She asked to herself.


This happened in a matter of seconds. But the cold, humid rock brought her back to reality. The crack was really loud. Her leg… no… her leg and her arm. She could feel the pain all over her body. She touched the rock. There was water in the floor. No, it was not water. It was her blood. No… it could not be. She could not die. This could not be happening, it’s only a nightmare, it’s only a nightmare.


Then she felt it. She was not alone there. The creature… the creature is here. The roar…


She heard of it before. The Scythiackuss. It could only be that creature.


To confirm her thoughts, three red eyes opened in front of her.

She prayed to the gods, to give her a quick death, and closed her eyes.


Scythio and Scythiackuss


Comments (3)

Wow.... You put a good amount of work into this!
This is a trivial comment, but - I always like to see thoughts italicized. :)

Thanks! Yeah, it's like an imaginary world i have, almost complete.
And about italics, hey, me too! Gives it a more organized and friendly theme.

you need to animate these stories so I can compose for you!

That would be awesome, but i would like to have a good animation base first, because this "universe" is basically my biggest project so far. It would be an honor to work again, tough!

Hell if you need some music, let me know.