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Wow I had seen still images from your last post but the gameplay video for Burning Down is looking really cool. I love love love the animation work on your games.

As someone who's worked as a volunteer firefighter(a forest one though lol) I really really want this to blow up in an absurd way and make you rich and stuff so you make a fleshed out sequel with forest fires, with more animals, different tools like blowers, hoes/shovels for firebreaks, fire swatters that you could do cool rhythm game mechanic thingies with, since if you fuck up rhythm irl flames do come back and you just end up real tired lol. Well, I can ramble on about this endlessly, I'm gonna shut up because I know how solo development can be hell and you need to make choices as to what to actually do without working yourself to death.

AH THIS IS COOL thanks!!! c:
I'll check those out!!! I already got most stuff down, so the design is hard to change at this point, but it's cool to know those different tools!
And hahaha, thanks! We can only hope!

legend whats up

chilling, u know

hah! hi dude!!!! how have you been? haven't seen you in years!!!

After all the roping people around in unfinished projects while we were kids i finally could finish a few games, as you can see! hahahah

How's your life? o:

@Stopsignal awesome to see you are still in on this, legend. best of luck to you! as for me, you may perhaps remember how I failed to enter art school in highschool? well, I failed to enter art school in university too, twice. guess that's just how state schools go man. Had to go for English Language Teaching instead, graduating this year hopefully. Didn't really think of myself as an English teacher before, I don't really want it either, but we'll see where it's gonna take me, a diploma is a diploma i guess. As for art, after failing entrance exams twice, I said fuck it, quitted trying to do it seriously. Dropped the studies and fundamentals, then just went with what I enjoyed. Went in and out of a couple niche communities, made and deleted accounts, disappeared and reappeared again. Just fooling around lately, waiting for this school to be over so I can be free. I see you're on twitter ? I'll give you a follow, see you around and good luck with your game again, guill :)

For some reason when I saw the first leaks about this game I thought that the game would be apocalips-related or absolutely anything else until you announced what's really about