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Oh this is fantastic!

First some cons, sorry:

Gotta say, though, the jokes didn't land. At all, hahahahahha
I think it's the timing? Most of the jokes weren't particularly bad, but i think the editing made everything kinda stilted. And the writing was a bit cliched (not an anime watcher but it felt like basic anime tropes)

The action was a bit stilted too!

Still, though, the animation and designs and theme and stuff are AMAZING and i really really want to see more of this!!! This is FANTASTIC. Loved it!
It drips style. Looking forward to you guy's stuff!

Awesome stuff as always, you rock!

it still is like that (':

Buster98 responds:

Yeah for sure! Wish I found this place sooner. So fun

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Awesome stuff, always love to see people using the Vampire Survivors mechanics for new ideas, this was fun
cool stuff as always dude

ohhhh yes i love this

EDIT: though using the little dude to build the machine feels quite cumbersome! i wish i could just use the mouse instead! It's extremely hard to choose what to place if there are many things together.

I did end up being able to deliver the cake with a flying machine so i feel pretty good though, hahahah
I think the mechanics weren't really built for that? The umbrella feels quite weird, does it only lower your falling speed, or something?

Frogrammer responds:

thanks! yes if we release an update in some future, it will have mouse controls instead and umbrellas activate on a key

hot indeed

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This is awesome! Thank you for making this!

This absolutely gives me the vibe the art needed, i think they go really really well hand in hand, with that oppressive feeling and mind-controlly transhumanism themes.

I'll go edit the art to link here, hahahah. It's old, but maybe someone checks it out anyways!

Liked it a lot! Especially that bass/guitar in the back, gave it a really nice feeling. Sadly i can't really say anything good as it is not my topic, but to be honest i found it great! d:

AnnasArt responds:

Thanks!! :) Yeah I understand!

It's perfect for it! Haha, you will love it when the menu is created.

Ironclover responds:

I'm happy you love it! haha

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oh my HAHAHA this is awesome

Rerstuf responds:

Thanks, glad you like it!

Extremely cool designs all around! I thought it'd have something to do with the song from Phil Collins, but still ended up really captivated by the art, hahahaha

sorry i never replied D:
my kobold looks so cute O:
you are amazing thank you<3<3

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