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Again, your style is incredible. No idea how you keep up making these so often and awesomely, hahaha
Keep it up, man!

AntonM responds:

Hey! Thanks dude, haha yeah I have a bunch of lil cheats, wish I could make stuff way more often lol

Quite funny! You are indeed improving. Keep it going d:

AnnasArt responds:

Thanks! great to hear :)

To be honest, as a first, it's pretty good! Most evil looking moon ever (?

Ahhh, this brings me memories, of when i first tried to animate. People don't realize it takes a lot of work! Never do watch my first animation, it makes me cringe.

Keep it going! Really, because this is a good first.

AnnasArt responds:

Thanks! I know it is super short and basic but yea , it takes lots of freakin time! :)

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I don't know how you are so fast doing these games, pal, hahahah
another good one, keep it up!

Greetings!! I said i was gonna write one so i will!
Love the game! I love bite sized cool things like this, specially when they are filled with personality, hahaha

Some really small nitpicks:
Took me a while to get used to the controls, can't lie! Jumping on ladders specially!
Some dirt tiles have some seams! You can see where it does the tile effect, a little bit.
If you spam the attack button, sometimes the animation borks and it doesn't attack!
The part where the swinging axes and the platforms with spikes are introduced has a checkpoint that is a bit punishing! (going all the way to the start)

That's it! Loved the music and the personality, wished there was an ending drawn so i could see what happens after that, as i liked the character, hahahaha
I think with really simple castlevania-like controls there is quite a lot of possibility, as there is quite a beauty in how simple it controls, so looking forward for more, if you continue!
Saludos desde Uruguay!

Butzbo responds:

Great you took the time to drop the review!
Also I always appreciate these comments on details from the game:
-Funny just how much I understimated the difficuly of just jumping into a ladder, I've been still tweaking that detail over multiple iterations, on the last update I just made a few of them longer to help out a bit more, hahah.
-Good eye on the tiles too, I like how the tiles worked out but I'm still finding a few parts where I messed up lol.
-Oh! and I just made an extra update with an ending so it makes a liiitle more sense now, also hinting at a possible expansion, hahah!

Glad you liked it! Saludos desde Santiago! :)


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This is awesome! Thank you for making this!

This absolutely gives me the vibe the art needed, i think they go really really well hand in hand, with that oppressive feeling and mind-controlly transhumanism themes.

I'll go edit the art to link here, hahahah. It's old, but maybe someone checks it out anyways!

Liked it a lot! Especially that bass/guitar in the back, gave it a really nice feeling. Sadly i can't really say anything good as it is not my topic, but to be honest i found it great! d:

AnnasArt responds:

Thanks!! :) Yeah I understand!

It's perfect for it! Haha, you will love it when the menu is created.

Ironclover responds:

I'm happy you love it! haha

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YES i love it. I remember seeing your other drawing -Troglodor- and thinking it looked a lot like this dude. Awesome!

Skiptoons responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like it! And now that you mention it, they do look kinda similar. Hmm... now you're giving me ideas...

Is that the chex quest guy? hahahah
Joking. Looks great!

God damn i love your designs, seeing your drawings makes me angry for not thinking about it before yet happy to see such cool concepts. Keep it up!

also, a chimney-head-helmet, god dammit i need your creativity it's so obvious in hindsight

jouste responds:

haha no need to get angry! keep on creating! thanks for the coment and kind words pal!


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anyone who follows me anywhere has my eternal love, your support is great guys <3

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