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AUTO NECROCHESS future and stats!

Posted by Stopsignal - 7 days ago



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follow me, please! <3

As many people seem to have loved Auto Necrochess, i'm gonna write some words about it!

First of all, a thanks to all of you who played, rated, and reviewed the game!

I am amazed at the amount of feedback it got, and the response. I honestly didn't think it would grab so many people!


I know the Super Auto Pets formula is a winning one, but Auto Necrochess introduces an extremely niche set of changes to that kind of game. After all, you usually don't see PVE autobattlers. Or maybe i'm just living in bubble? If you know any, share!

But THANKS!!!!! I'm honestly surprised. Also, i got a bunch of followers on here and twitter!

Almost 500 more here. Little me would be so extremely surprised and proud. I have been most of my life here, and to see it slowly pay off is extremely rewarding :)

I still remember the time i got my first frontpage! I was so excited, i told my parents about it, and watched the frontpage with glee. I still do, honestly :)

Now, for the stats:

The game was played a whopping 94000 times, more or less, with some 1700 downloads!!! This is, of course, counting the Itch Io stats too:


And this has been the overall interest in the game in Itch.


Note the sudden peak in views, that was the update! Seems Itch Io really likes you to update your game, and make posts about it! If you are a developer, always remeber to do that!

I think it's important to show this stuff, to show people the reality of making games!

For example, i know i can't really live off this, hahahaha


That doesn't mean i don't apprecciate this!!! Not at all!!! I am always extremely effing flattered people decide to donate, it's really validating!

So if you did, you know who you are, thanks a lot!!!! It probably went into paying for rent. (luckily i have a job, so i'm fine, but it helps when the money gets thin, which happens sometimes!) So thanks all of you <3 (:

So if you are a dev, consider getting some other avenues for revenue. I want to make a Patreon, i just don't think i will get enough, if any, people, and that disencourages me a bit.

I wish i could talk with more of a position of authority on this topic, but i have no experience with publishers, and the only time i sold a game, i did it in a bundle with other games. The game alone barely sold! Bundle was great however.

But maybe this information can help you in some way, if you are a dev!


Now, what about updating the game, making a sequel, anything?

Well, i've been doing some more coding on the game. I heard your thoughts, guys! I read literally every single review, though i feel bad i don't reply to most of them (i kind of get anxious about it, leave it for later, and then never do it)

Some of you made some awesome points, and gave some really good feedback, negative and positive!

So what can you guys expect? Well, first of all, i'm extremely inspiration driven so if i never ever get inspiration to work on this again i'm sorry! But i got some ideas:

  • Add a new level for the game, with new enemies and boss. (i've got ideas!)
  • Add new cards.
  • Add a card selector, like the deck builder in Super Auto Pets.
  • Fix bugs and erroneous texts.

That's it!!!

However, there are some other features that can't be implemented at all, like a fast forward, dragging units, etc. The code is just extremely tangled up and i just can't. Sorry!

I really really want to make a sequel fixing the game, and remaking it from the ground up. Maybe with different levels, every time being harder and lasting longer, while building and upgrading a deck, until reaching the King.

So, basically, adding some FTL mechanics!

Kinda like this game, Shogun Showdown, which i recommend a LOT if you liked necrochess. It's not an autobattler, but i swear, it's cool.

What am i working on now, apart from this?

Well, there is Trail Of Pigs 2!


Now going full open world (something akin to Mount And Blade, kinda?), with different objectives to complete before you die of hypothermia or get brutally killed. It's fun!

It's already quite playable, and honestly, extremely fun to play, it just needs a lot of content, and to have some UIs done and some mechanics completed. But it's mostly content. It's a procedural world, it will be a pain to fill! hhahahah

Then there is Burning Down!


I LOVE how this game is turning up, but it needs a little spark that is missing now. Something to spice up the gameplay. For now i've been opening the project every few days, touching some stuff, and then leaving it. It's not canceled!! Over my dead body i would leave so much work to rot! I just need to find some more ideas to make the game shine, as i fear the core loop simply isn't enough.

But i already got all the story in my head! Yes, this is an STORY game. A new one for me, as in my other projects, the story was kind of an excuse. But i'm excited to tell it!

Those, along with updating Necrochess, are my main projects.

I've got a few more i'm testing and toying with!


I won't say much more, to not build any hopes up, hahahahah.

I hope you liked this stats stuff, and wish you guys the best! Thanks for reading, and if you played my games, thanks a lot!!!!! I hope to continue making more!

twitter if you wanna follow! please do i want to reach 1k before that page finally dies, hahahaha



Yeah I gotta say I really enjoyed Necrochess. I didn't even realize it, but for a pretty long time, it became part of my daily rituals to just do 1 run, even long after I had already beaten the king. It's a fun (and addicting) game for sure.

I absolutely loved the game, beat it a few times after I commented on the itch.io version, even snuck in a game or two at work. It was just overall fun and had a good spark to it. If you don't do anything past it don't beat yourself up over it, I just hope others take inspiration from what you've done and iterate on it to improve the genre because I didn't think a pve version of this kind of game could be so engaging.

It didn't even have most of the long term progression mechanics most games in this genre had and I still came back to it multiple times as an adult with a job and limited free time, so to me that speaks of something great!

even tho i’ve beaten the game a bunch of time i just played another round of necrochess earlier today, very excited to hear you might be doing more with it

Exciting stuff! Played necrochess quite a bit, would definitely come back for more content and different challenges with the system.

This is exciting! I can't wait to see more from you, your games are amazing!

congrats on your journy man. :)

Yeah! Trail of Pigs was very cool! The way one wrong move can completely flip the script made it very exciting.

Makes a lot of sense to work on something new, patching up a game is almost harder than making one compared to what you get out of it.