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Quite funny! You are indeed improving. Keep it going d:

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AnnasArt responds:

Thanks! great to hear :)

To be honest, as a first, it's pretty good! Most evil looking moon ever (?

Ahhh, this brings me memories, of when i first tried to animate. People don't realize it takes a lot of work! Never do watch my first animation, it makes me cringe.

Keep it going! Really, because this is a good first.

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AnnasArt responds:

Thanks! I know it is super short and basic but yea , it takes lots of freakin time! :)


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Have nothing to say. Really good, keep up with the good work!

Play this while listening Contact, of Daft Punk.

Really nice work! Keep making this little, fun, challenging games! Favoriting.

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Liked it a lot! Especially that bass/guitar in the back, gave it a really nice feeling. Sadly i can't really say anything good as it is not my topic, but to be honest i found it great! d:

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AnnasArt responds:

Thanks!! :) Yeah I understand!

It's perfect for it! Haha, you will love it when the menu is created.

Ironclover responds:

I'm happy you love it! haha

It was quite interesting. Chaotic, indeed! It made me remember the dark halls of amnesia, full of bodies and gore. Maybe i am just weird.
It really got me feeling weird. So you achieved your purpuse!

I like it.

floppypawss responds:

so glad you enjoyed it! keep making amazing artwork!

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Genial, che!

AbissLake responds:

Gracias hermano! Un gusto verte activo :)

This is quite awesome!

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Hah! I remember way back when you made a drawing that was some kind of portal-like robot, that I thought you had a lot of potential. You drew good, but that it could be even better. And now I look at this! This is awesome, it really is!
My only nitpick would be to use a texture with a higher definition for the background, but to be honest I am bad with textures as well, so it's cool! Keep going.

Amateur animator, drawing artist. Likes Doom and cats.

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